A Little Of MBY Pet and Rescue Santuary Story

The Sanctuary is home to almost 1400 dogs and cats that were abandoned, abused, and who were once strays.

Founded by Marita Baquiran-Yasuda who refused to close her door to the innocent animals. The sanctuary is privately-owned and relies on financial support from individuals who shares the same belief that dogs and cats deserve to have a beautiful life.

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MBY Pet and Rescue Sanctuary is the only NO-KILL shelter in the Philippines.

Most people and organizations think that it is just impossible to save all abandoned animals and think that the "best thing" for these dogs and cats is to sleep... forever. But Marita does not share this same ideology, and keeps saving them and giving them a place that they can call their home.

The Sanctuary NEEDS your help!

It is not easy to look after a thousand of animals. Marita and her team are doing their best to provide for the dogs and cats in the sanctuary. They barely sleep 6 hours a day or more. And that is just the tip of the struggle, the daily consumption is about 20 big bags of dry food, 80 kilograms of rice, almost 50 kilograms of chicken plus vegetables. Most of the time, the rescued animals can only eat once a day. Not to mention, the utility and veterinary bills. And this is where we ask for your help, we are looking for 5000 angels who can pledge to donate 200 PHP every month to help the sanctuary. Kindly contact us if you are willing to extend your help to them financially, volunteer your time, or share their story. You can also donate directly to the sanctuary.

“ Rescuing isn’t pageantry. It’s not for the show. You can’t just rescue animals and post it on Facebook, then leave them here after that. You have to take care of these animals. Give them food. Visit them. Rehabilitating these animals is a long-term affair.” ”

Marita Baquiran-Yasuda