LitterGenie Pet Waste Disposal System


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Say goodbye to your pet poop nightmare!

As a cat parent ourselves, we guarantee you that this is the best purchase you’ll ever make as a cat parent!

AS EASY AS 1-2-3 –

From the makers of Diaper Genie, this life-improving cat litter disposal system works in just three steps. Scoop the pet waste, open the lid and drop the clumps, and pull the handle to lock it in.

HASSLE-FREE ODOR CONTROL – With antimicrobial to inhibit odors caused by bacteria on the pail, and a refill that lasts 10 weeks for one cat (that’s 30% longer than our standard refill), the Litter Genie Plus pail locks away germs and odors to keep your house smelling fresh.

KISS TRASH TRIPS GOODBYE – The pail holds up to 14 days of cat litter (for one cat) so you can spend more time playing with your kitty and less time making daily trash trips.

A PURRFECT FIT – The compact design makes Litter Genie perfect for small spaces and homes with multiple litter boxes. Discreetly store your pail in a cabinet or small space near your cat’s litter box for quick, hassle-free clean up.

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